Jun 07 2012 update
The 42th Comet meeting in Hiji-machi Oita
The comet meeting prays for the early revival of injury by the Tohoku Earthquake.

Anyone who is interested in the comet can participate in meeting. And many comet fans participate every year.
It is a place of the various information exchange about comets such as comet reseach publication , comet hunting , photography , observation.
The comet meeting of this year is held in "Beppu-wan Royal Hotel"in Hiji-machi Oita,Japan.

As a memorial lecture ,Dr. Shinsuke Abe of National Central University,Taiwan will give talks about "comets , asteroids , meteors".
He had a relation for the flight of the asteroid exploration satellite "HAYABUSA". In addition , He is a member of Pan-STARRS project,etc.

Dr, G.Jones & Y.Ramanjooloo (University College London) perform announcement of "the observation of the comets tail"
and their request for amateur observations on the second day.